qMobility and Avis India announcement

qMobility signs a partnership with Avis India for electric fleets

Avis India and quikk India, qMobility’s Indian Corporate Division, announce a partnership for offering integrated solutions for corporate electric mobility services.

It is an innovative AI-based model that integrates the transportation service along with the charging infrastructure, at costs comparable with those of current ICE vehicles. The EV space is set to get even more Interesting with the prospect of better battery performances and reduced costs of EVs likely over the next 12-18 months.

With this partnership, Avis and quikk India have positioned themselves at the vanguard of a new market that will have 220 million electric cars worldwide by 2030. Dozens of new full electric models have been announced in India, with e-cars prices set to go to parity with ICE vehicles much sooner than expected.

“We are creating a dedicated virtual private network for use by a corporate fleet which grows with the growing needs of customer’s business” Mr. Kalsi said. “We think India will lead the electric vehicle revolution, not only because of the government push and the size of the automotive market, but because the electric vehicle embeds the value consciousness that drives the purchasing decision of the technically informed Indian consumers.”

“We are setting up trials with customers to demonstrate the immediate feasibility of going electric, a strategic decision that will reduce the carbon footprint, meet our customers’ expectations and create a path to cost reductions”, Mr Gupta said.

“AVIS is one of the world leaders in mobility and renting, with global presence, outstanding service and advanced technology”, Stefano D.M. Sommadossi, CEO of qMobility group said, “so it is a natural fit for us. We are working with fleet managers that have more than 500,000 vehicles to migrate to electric. We provide an AI based solution to drive the adoption of electric vehicles for professional use by keeping the

cost down. We increase the value of the electric vehicle by optimising the way they are used. Our goal in India is to install 22,000 rapid chargers in dedicated qWEBs.”

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