IEA report signals shift to EV

The Global EV Outlook report for 2020 shows we're now at the tipping point where electric cars are going to go mainstream.

qMobility are delighted to read the latest outlook published by the IEA. It endorses our view that the market is undertaking the seismic shift our business is looking to help with. From a position where there were only around 17k electric cars worldwide a decade ago, there are now over 7 million. The report says over 2 million new electric cars were registered in 2019 alone, and that was a 40% jump over the previous year.

The report also highlights the ongoing support from government and emissions regulation is driving the industry to focus investment on electric vehicles. With improvements highlighted on the charging infrastructure, and the price of the cars themselves coming down, the IEA says the barriers to consumer adoption are lowering each year.

A copy of the report can be downloaded from the IEA website. qMobility will make a copy available to prospective investors shortly.

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