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How do we make the electric car experience better today than we did yesterday?

Solving the challenges of electric cars

As the world begins the transition to electric cars it creates a number of challenges and obstacles to the rapid adoption of these vehicles. We are applying our thinking and technology to create solutions that help everyone connected to electric car usage.

Our solutions:

- Educate drivers and help them to find the right electric car for their needs

- Overcome range anxiety by giving drivers certainty and backup for charging on trips away from home

- Guide property owners on the installation of charge points, enabling them to become hosts for others

- Give drivers freedom from rigid contracts and costly ownership. A flexible subscription offering access to the right vehicle on their terms.

- Encourage community through shared vehicle access and flexible fueling. 

- Optimise the performance of batteries and energy storage, helping with running costs and balancing the needs of a smart grid.

- Will create a recognized brand that unifies the disparate elements of the electric car experience and always champions the needs of the customer.

Salary sacrifice

It’s not often that Her Majesty’s Treasury want to reduce the tax bill people pay on their salary, or the tax a company pays to employ them. However, the grey suits in Whitehall have heard the bad news about the environment and need to encourage millions of us to swap to electric cars to hit the UK’s climate targets. 

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different, but for salaried workers employed by a company, the likelihood is they can save a load of money and get to drive a brand-new car, through salary sacrifice. It's similar to existing cycle to work and childcare schemes.

Example solutions include...

What is it?

Salary sacrifice is a financial solution offered by an employer to employees through a third party company, in our case Eve. With a salary sacrifice scheme, a car is provided from us with no initial, upfront costs on monthly payments and no further obligations when it finishes.  Maintenance and insurance are all bundled in the monthly price.  

Many leasing companies offer turnkey solutions that can be implemented within 4-6 weeks, including comprehensive maintenance and business insurance plans.

tax incentives the government has put in place

- Lower cost of ownership (cars and charging)

- Improved performance and longevity of batteries and cars

- Enhanced convenience for charging

- Better access to, and sharing of, cars and chargers

- Smoother transition to electric cars with all the associated benefits

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Community shared electric  car
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Business fleet electric cars
Electric cars as employee benefit
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qMobility team

Our team has expertise built in the mobility, automotive, smart city services, renewable energy, and energy trading sectors, participating in activities ranging from development and operations to brand building and financial structuring.  Specific experience includes telecom, internet services and connected devices, software development, smart mini-grids, battery storage, and mobility.

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